Warrenton Town Council

The Council of the Town of Warrenton consists of seven Council members and an independently-elected Mayor who serve four-year overlapping terms.  All legislative powers of the Town are vested in the Town Council.  The Mayor of Warrenton presides over the Council, and votes on issues in the case of a tie. The Council is charged, under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Town Charter, to determine the needs of the citizenry and to establish the ordinances, policies and budgets which determine the kind, manner and cost of services to be delivered. 

     Name and Contact Information       Term Expires 
 Carter Nevill
     June 30, 2022
 Renard Carlos
     June 30, 2022
 Sean Polster
     June 30, 2022
 Jerry Wood
 Ward 1
     June 30, 2020
 Alec P. Burnett
 Ward 2
     June 30, 2020
 Brett A. Hamby
 Ward 3
     June 30, 2020
 Robert H. Kravetz
 Ward 4
     June 30, 2020
 Kevin T. Carter
 Ward 5
     June 30, 2020